Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Homemade Spinach Face Mask

In our surrounding environment we know the markets at there we saw the green leafy vegetables which are fresh and it contains the most nutritional properties in it.These nutritional properties are useful for our health and skin.

Let's take an example of the green leafy vegetable like as spinach.

We all know about the spinach and in my mother tongue, we call it as Palak.In Indian recipes the most useful green leafy vegetable is palak means spinach for making the soup,palak paneer, palak pulao,palak Parata,spinach dal,palak mushroom,palak saag, etc.,are the recipes of the spinach in Indian culture.

Now most of the women are use this spinach for their skin and health purposes.The spinach has an antioxidant ,antimicrobial ,retinol,carotene, lutein, phytonutrient,and zeaxanthin few are stated but these nutrients are very helpful for rejuvenated or hydrated skin.

In our environment, we know about cosmetics in that many types of colors and chemical substance are added which are effected the sensitive skin.

So, I have homemade natural recipes get rid of acne, wrinkles , dark spots, redness, rashes,blemishes etc., skin facial problems and give a beautiful glowing skin.

Spinach, Honey, Lemon face mask:

In these face mask, Honey and Lemon are used because it also contains the antioxidant properties in it to rejuvenate the dry and dull skin.


  • Spinach leafs
  • Honey
  • Lemon


  • Firstly chop the spinach leaf to make them finely chopped.
  • Warm the Honey for a few seconds slightly in the microwaves to stir well.
  • Mix the chopped spinach and warmed Honey in the bowl and extract the lemon in it .
  • When 3 ingredients are blended well then apply it on a face and neck.
  • Relax for 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water
  • Pat dry with soft towel to cleanser
  • Apply the oil-free moisturizer to retain needed moisture.

Spinach and Olive oil face mask:

Take the chopped spinach in the bowl add the olive oil of about the 2 tablespoons and extract the lemon juice in it and blended it well to make a smooth paste.Then apply it on the clean washed face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Spinach and milk cream for dry skin:

Take the spinach leafs, milk cream, lemon juice in the grinder and grind it well without adding water in it and add Multani Mitti for it became thick consistency. Apply it on a face and neck leaves it for 20 minutes and rinses it off with cool water.


Apply this remedies thrice in a week up to 4-5 weeks regularly for the better results. We can add the more ingredients also with the combination.

Before applying the face mask on face do a patch test of it whether it is an allergy for you or not.
Avoid usage near the eyes because it is sensitive organ.

Benefits of spinach for health:

  1. Increase the glucose content in blood.
  2. Controls diabetes.
  3. The risk of cancer reduced.
  4. Controls the blood pressure.
  5. Increase the calcium content in bones to make strong.
  6. The risk of asthma reduced.
  7. Improve the digestion ,gastrointestinal health.
  8. Visibility of eyes is increased.
  9. Strengthening the muscles.
  10. Reduces the risk of cataract.

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