Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Olive Oil Benefits in the Quran

      In the Quran many verses are revealed about the olive . it is one of the greatest honorable gift as one blessing  from paradise for  human beings. while examined the fruit it should have contain a great features.Today olive oil should be preferred for the delicious food and it also contain a highly nutritional  properties.Olive oil has extensive benefits in  medicine .The qualities of olive oil are mentioned in the Quran.

     Allah has given a many more blessing in the quran  about olive oil to human beings .olive oil also used for body massage.In Urdu language it  is referred as a zaitoon . It will be mostly preferable and recommended by the doctors for the coronary and arterial ,cancer, digestion diseases etc..In the Quran the olive oil will be used for prevention of more than seventy diseases in human beings.

Benefits for Cardiac and Artery:

     The olive contain the fat quantity is more but it is a mono-saturated. so it does not increase the cholesterol level in the body and keep in under control condition.olive contains omega-6 linolenic acid due to this the honourable artery and diabetes are highly increase.Doctors recommend the person who has lower the bad cholesterol they should have to take high antioxidant property so they take 25 ml of natural olive oil regularly.Mainly the heart patients must take the olive regularly it will clear the cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Cancer Prevention:

    Olive oil is a plays a vital role in the prevention of cancer. it has mono-saturated fat they controls the growth of cancer cells . Women had Breast Cancer they can controls the disease by taking high doses of mono-saturated fat in the olive oil in their food.The olive oil also reacts with stomach acid through this we can control the  effect of intestine cancer .

Some more Benefits of Olive oil:

  • Olive oil helps in development of bones through vitamins.
  • It is used for nourishing skin
  • Proper growth of children
  • Control the blood pressure and clear the blood.
  • Control the gas trouble and ulcer ,asthma diseases.
  • Control  the piles. 
  •  Reduce kidney pains, pancreas pain.
  •  Stomach problems.
  •  Give strength to the muscles.
  •  Growth of hormones in male.
  •  Cure the normal cold in children.

How to use Olive oil:

  • For internal health condition we use olive oil in preparation of food.
  • For skin aging prepare a mask with other ingredient as like honey with olive oil and apply it and then rinse it after 20 minutes thrice a week.
  • For hair growth mix the powder of ajwain with the olive oil apply on hairs.   


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